What's Cookin' For Hands on Drumming: 

Hands on Drumming has been taking the COVID-19 situation seriously and hunkering down to reboot and stay healthy. We recognize that the need for safe, fun musical experiences that brings the community together are absolutely essential in this chaotic time. Craig can't wait to get back to work with you! When it is safe to gather again, we've created a "clean drum protocol" so we drum outside in small groups, keep social distance, use masks, all drums are clean and sharing of the drums is not allowed. 

Big thanks to my friends at Toivo for creating the Healing From Within YouTube channel with two of Craig's new music meditation video's every week. Click to view an example. We are humbled by how every drumming video is changing peoples lives for the better. 

Craig's feature length documentary film project "Rhythms of Life" is done and available to view at www.roldoc.com. We recently won an "Award of Excellence" from the Impact Docs Awards! Check out the web site: www.roldoc.com to order a DVD or VOD.  

Craig Norton is a Remo endorsed Drum Circle Facilitator. Please visit our Facebook Page for upcoming events and the latest news, photos & video.


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