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We recognize the need for safe, fun musical experiences that brings the community together are absolutely essential for all ages and abilities. Contact us to schedule a joyful drumming experience for your community.  

Big thanks to my friends at Arts For Learning CT for recognizing the power of rhythm and bringing it directly into classrooms around the state. We are humbled by how every drumming program in CT schools is making learning fun for all abilities. 


Craig Norton has been facilitating drumming events throughout New England for over 25 years. He recently completed the 3rd year of Social Emotional Learning in The Arts through the national RAISE training program. All of our events provide opportunities for positive life skills that go beyond the music we play. 

Craig's feature length documentary film project "Rhythms of Life" is done and available to view at We recently won an "Award of Excellence" from the Impact Docs Awards! Check out the web site: to order a DVD or VOD.  
Craig Norton is a Remo Drums endorsed Drum Circle Facilitator. Please visit our Facebook page for upcoming  events and the latest news, photos & video.

Pix from a typical Hands on Drumming school program

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