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Hands on Drumming Corporate Wellness Programs: 


Corporate Team Building/Stress Busting:

Using the drum circle as a catalyst for team building and wellness, Craig will give any type of staff the chance to communicate and bond in a non-judgmental, non-verbal way. Let us energize your professional development, conference or corporate retreat with a fun, participatory, musical event. The drumming experience creates a perfect opportunity for improving morale, communication and leadership skills. Our team building sessions are fun and engaging, giving everyone a chance to express themselves musically while creating group cohesiveness and a focused common purpose. This is a fun, multicultural hands on experience that anyone can do!  Conference themes can be integrated into our programs. 

Corporate Wellness Programs:

Hands on Drumming offers "Drumming For Wellness" which gives people of all abilities an opportunity to be musical, connect with others, create community and have fun! Everyone gets a drum and a chance to shine. We also offer professional development for integrating music and storytelling into the classroom for schools and children's librarians. 

Contact Craig for a consultation on how we can bring the powerful metaphor of rhythm into your workplace. 

"We were grateful to have Craig bring rhythm and fun to our hospital meeting. There was a variety of staff in attendance, from medical doctors and nurses to therapists and dental hygienists. Everyone drummed! The energy and comradery was amazing and uplifting. It was a stress buster, creating harmony, vibration and joy."

Gina Ferrara MA, BC/DMT Rehabilitation Therapist

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