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Cosmic Hue Live Ambient Soundscapes

Craig Norton has been Musical Director for the Om Street event in West Hartford, CT since the 1st year in 2010. The most recent event had approximately 2,200 yogis doing yoga together to the music of Cosmic Hue. Kalidasa Getter is a seasoned professional musician and educator. He leads Kirtan and supports many nationally touring Kirtan bands when they play in the Northeast. We have presented live music with yoga in many studios including West Hartford Yoga, Granby Yoga, Sacred Rivers, Bristol Yoga, Mercy Center, ESPN fitness center, Unifier Festival, New York Sports Club, and Chi For Healing with Erik Harris. 

Listen to a SoundCloud collection of short pieces we recorded to give people a chance to hear abrieviated versions of the ambient soundscapes we create. These were recorded live, no overdubs. 
Cosmic Hue is a collaborative project to provide live ambient soundscapes for yoga & meditation classes, music festivals, retreats, art gallery receptions and wellness events. Let the sounds of Australian didgeridoo, flutes, and woodwinds, electronic textures, drums, percussion and hand pans wash over you and create a truly unique sonic environment and experience. 
Om Street, 2014
We post YouTube videos regularly here

Check out this gallery of Om Street images from the Hartford Courant, 2016.
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Cosmic Hue Hand Pan Improv 
Cosmic Hue with Anita Barbero at Granby Yoga

Connect with us:      (203)213-0229 

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