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           Hands on Drumming Programs: 


Positive Vibrations (K-8th Grades/All Abilities): 

We take you on a musical social emotional learning journey, playing traditional songs from around the globe, creating our own rhythms, taking turns leading and experiencing improvisation and creative movement. Participants experience many positive life skills including respect, leadership, teamwork, cooperation, listening and communication skills as well as musical and cultural awareness. Native American, African, Carribean and Latin stories, song and dance are all integrated in a participatory experience. 


Community Drum & Dance: 

Want to add some fun, participatory musical merriment to your community event? Hands on Drumming community drum circles are a great way to bring people together and give them an opportunity to connect and have a blast together. No experience necessary and all ages are welcome! We have enough drums for up to 50 people. 

Check out the Videos page to see and hear Craig's various projects and visit our Facebook Page for upcoming events and the latest news, photos & videos.


Visit our Contact page to connect and discuss booking any of these musical experiences.

Rhythms of Life: 

Rhythms of Life, is an uplifting, participatory storytelling event designed as an elementary school artist in residency, assembly or in-class program. Incorporating theater, music and dance, this life-affirming, multicultural program embodies positive life skills throughout. The story was created by Craig Norton and based on the real-life childhood experiences of Master Drummer, Babatunde Olatunji growing up in Nigeria, West Africa. Children contribute to the program by playing, singing and dancing along and the finale is a fun, participatory musical event.


Team Building/Stress Busting/Wellness:

Using the drum circle as a catalyst for team building and wellness, Craig will give any type of staff the chance to communicate and bond in a non-judgmental, non-verbal way. Team building sessions are fun and engaging, giving everyone a chance to express themselves musically while creating group cohesiveness. Hands on Drumming offers "Drumming For Wellness" which gives people of all abilities an opportunity to be musical, connect with others, create community and have fun! Everyone gets a drum and a chance to shine. We also offer guidance for integrating music and storytelling into the classroom. Conference themes can be integrated into our programs.


Craig Norton plays in a variety of bands that offer peaceful textures of flute, didge, sax, guitar and synths with the pulse of heartbeat from his drums. Cosmic Hue is a collaboration with Kalidasa Joseph Getter who is a master of many instruments and types of music. We are available for yoga/Tai Chi/meditation classes, art gallery receptions, ecstatic dance and community events.


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