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Personal & Corporate Wellness  

Since the dawn of time, drumming has been associated with bringing about positive physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Anyone who has laid hands on a drum will tell you it makes them feel better. Craig offers drumming for wellness programs for all to experience the uplifting joy of rhythm. When you are in sync with your body and mind, you can expect to be healthy. When life is out of rhythm, there will be problems with health and relationships. Drumming helps to align our bodies and minds and connects us in many positive ways. Hands on Drumming programs can be held in libraries, healthcare centers, business', yoga studios and wellness retreats. No experience is necessary and we bring the instruments specifically selected to facilitate healing. 

Arthur Hull Leads "Rhythm Church at DCFG Conference

Hands on Drumming for Corporate Wellness is a fun, engaging way to bring a multitude of positive concepts into the workplace. The drum circle is a perfect metaphor for teaching communication, cooperation and leadership skills. Let us guide your business through challenges in a non-verbal, non-threatening environment that gives everyone a chance to shine and connect. 

Contact Craig Norton to custom design a program for your needs and bring rhythm and flow into your life and business. 

In the studio at ESPN doing a drumming with yoga program for employees. 

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