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A brief slideshow video featuring a look at Hands on Drumming events. 

Craig has been playing this unique Bali "Hand Pan" drum in yoga classes, wellness retreats, art gallery receptions (and under bridges). 

This is a clip featuring Craig's band "Cosmic Hue" accompanying a yoga class with Anita Barbero at Granby Yoga. 

Check out this podcast Craig did about the healing power of drumming. 

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Hands on Drumming
In Action.... 

Craig appeared on the "Mass Appeal" television show recently to talk about the power of drumming. 

This music and math program is offered through Arts For Learning CT:

This video features Craig Norton of Hands on Drumming leading the Blue Back Square Drummers in West Hartford, CT

One of the bands Craig plays in is Bodhi Groove, shown here rehearsing for an upcoming gig. 

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